New HICT 7-minute workout app for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users, you know who you are…the few and (mostly) proud, eh?
I got inspired by an article in the New York Times magazine (faithfully read by almost all ‘Hiders) on a 7-minute(ish) HICT workout and built an app to make it easy to run through the exercises and memorize the sequence. While I’d rather be out adrenalizing on my mountain bike, I’ve been enjoying going through the routine 3X a day. It’s a much better break than hitting the coffee pot and can be done almost anywhere. All you need is a chair and a section of blank wall big enough to fit your big behind against.
Check out the sped-up demo video:
And head on over to where you can download a trial version for free.
As soon as I do some code cleanup and refactoring, I’ll be posting on some of the great things I learned (with a bit of pain) on async/await and creating accurate timers for Windows Phone and Windows 8 (using the same code of course!)