Monthly Archives: August 2013

Turning down a job offer

Here’s most of a reply I made to a potential employer that just offered me a pretty good position doing .NET web development:

I’m basically crazy to turn down any other work given the sad state of Windows 8 adoption and hardly better for Windows Phone. Yet I’m going to stick with that and eventually get my Xamarin/iOS skills up to speed. I thought about it and what I want to do quite a bit while being away from the computer for over a week. While the money sucks, being a micro-ISV is going to make me happier than doing what I’ve been doing for all my working life, which is building someone else’s equity. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve worked for some great companies/people and you’d be one of them. But now’s the time to really take a shot at this. Even when I ran my own business with 4.5 employees it was always working on somebody else’s projects. While all work is essentially working for somebody else – even apps – the crucial difference is that it’s me interacting with end users as customers.

Yes, I am f***in’ crazy to turn that down. Right now, my app income is measured in the hundreds of dollars. And if it wasn’t for working my butt off the last couple years, saving most of it and having a doctor for a wife I wouldn’t even be writing this. Lately, I’ve read two damning articles on Windows 8 and Windows Phone but time to put the blinders on, damn the torpedos and full speed ahead.