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Google Map Maker

I doubt it adds a ton of new data. Or that all but the simplest roads drawn by hand by an amateur wouldn’t be reviewed and redrawn by a professional, but Google is smart to include this:

There is a class of user that would be disappointed not to be able to submit GPS-collected data. But they’re all doing that with anyway. One thing for sure: Apple never thought of this…and, to be fair, Bing/Nokia/Navteq hasn’t either (although their data collection via UPS and Fedex is huge…3 billion miles driven annually).

Nice use of gesture semantics in #WP7 http…

Nice use of gesture semantics (in #WP7):

I installed it and after figuring out that the keypad is the gesture target area, quickly got the hang of it. The only unnatural thing about such an interface is having been conditioned to think of a keypad as just being for tapping. I’d actually institute some fast-moving, directional animations that obscure the screen like this: