Some random notes on Adobe Edge, SSDs and Win8/Win Phone 8

Does look interesting. I had a brief glance at the article this morning. But too busy going native…as in code. Isn’t it free for a bit? If so will pause long enough to snag a copy…to further clog my hard drive.

Speaking of drives, I’ve long run a dual 500 Gb setup, using RAID1. But I recently ran into a snag. As a published developer I was able to get the Windows Phone 8 SDK. Yet (understandably) the Windows Phone emulator – being a virtual machine – won’t run inside another VM, which is how I’ve been running Windows 8. I thought about getting a couple new drives. A look through Newegg’s selection showed that a 2 or even 3 Tb RAID array would only set me back $300. However, the main reason I was looking at those was speed. That’s when it occurred to me if this isn’t about capacity it’s time to bite the bullet and get an SSD. So a 256 Gb Samsung is on its way, which ran me $219.

My plan is to create a dual-boot system with Win8 on the SSD drive and leave my Win7 setup with all the apps and configuration info alone. One thing I’m going to try first though is cloning the current boot drive to see if I can run it inside a VM on Win 8. In theory, since Win8 on an SSD should boot up in 8-15 seconds, it would make sense. I have 16 Gb of RAM so no limitations there.